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This drill is part of a session presented at the Nebraska WORLD CLASS COACHING International Coaching Seminar. It was presented by Paul Heffer of West Ham United.

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The release of the new coaching education for volunteers and future coaches helps guide all beginners through the required steps towards the higher level courses. Please visit The United States Soccer Association for all courses beginning with the  4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. Within our own state please visit for any upcoming classes, the road to being a better coach starts here. 

Coaches Unity Council

The mission of the Sporting Omaha FC Coaches Unity Council is to enhance the overall coaching experience at Sporting Omaha FC by fostering a positive Club image and inclusive coaching environment, and promoting coach engagement at the player, team and Club levels. 
The purpose of the Unity Council is to ensure that Sporting Omaha FC coaches have input into decisions, strategies and policies that form the Club’s present identity and shape our future. The Council will also strive to increase overall Club communication while also aiding in the implementation of new and/or adjusted Club wide programing and policy changes.
Chosen by their peers for a one-year term, the Council members act as a voice for the entire Sporting Omaha FC coaching staff and represent all levels of teams in the Club. The Council also includes the Executive Director, the Boys and Girls Directors of Coaching and Academy Directors. 
This one of a kind platform is yet another example of how Sporting Omaha FC is leading the way in player and coach development in the state of Nebraska. 

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Cultivating a passion for the game while developing character in coaches, players, and parents.

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