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College Recruiting

Ages: U15-U19

Did you know that we are the only club to produce a NCAA Division I men’s national champion in the last 8 years?  Did you know that Sporting Nebraska FC has produced more than 450+ players who have signed NLI’s from 2010 to 2020 from the state of Nebraska, more than every club combined? 


Where have our players gone? We mapped it out for you. 95% of our players have continued their college soccer career right here in the Midwest.

Sporting Nebraska College Advisors:

Daniella Pappas,

Boy's Program Advisor: 

Mark Heath-Preston,


Girl's Program Advisor:

Daniella Pappas,


Tips for Communicating with College programs

(courtesy of the ECNL)

CoachTips_0000_Layer 2.jpg
CoachTips_0003_Layer 5.jpg
CoachTips_0001_Layer 3.jpg
CoachTips_0004_Layer 6.jpg
CoachTips_0002_Layer 4.jpg
CoachTips_0005_Layer 7.jpg
CoachTips_0006_Layer 8.jpg
CoachTips_0007_Layer 9.jpg
CoachTips_0008_Layer 10.jpg
CoachTips_0009_Layer 11.jpg
CoachTips_0010_Layer 12.jpg
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