Sporting Omaha FC - STOPIT

SOFC's pledge to eliminate all forms of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying on and off the playing field.

SOFC will not allow or tolerate any racial comments. Our parents and coaches stand against racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying to all.

Our sidelines and playing fields will be FREE of any negative comments and/or actions.

SOFC-STOPIT, please report any acts of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying directly to your Director of Coaching.

Diversity Goals:

  • Embrace diversity and treat all players, coaches, parents and officials with dignity and respect.

  • Not putting one's own personal freedom above that of anyone else

  • Mutual acceptance and respect

  • Not reducing individuals to members of a group

  • Recognizing every individual as unique

  • Achieving recognition through mutual respect and social awareness

  • Identifying conflict as an opportunity for personal growth

  • Peaceful coexistence

Soccer Master
Di Giorgios

Cultivating a passion for the game while developing character in coaches, players, and parents.

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