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Sporting Nebraska FC - STOPIT
Sporting NE's pledge to eliminate all forms of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying on and off the playing field.


The STOPIT programs was established in August 2019 to create recognition and awareness against all forms of discrimination and injustice. As a club, Sporting Nebraska FC will not tolerate any racial or abusive comments or actions. We stand united against racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying to all. We support breaking down barriers and being part of a solution. Through soccer we create unity.

SOFC-STOPIT, please report any acts of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism and bullying directly to The Sporting Nebraska FC Board of Directors or your Director of Coaching.

Sven Jasinski, SOFC Board President,

Alex Mason, Girl's Director of Coaching,

Ryan Kruse, Boy's Director of Coaching,

Diversity Goals:

  • We embrace diversity and treat all with dignity and respect

  • We do not put one's own personal freedom above that of anyone else

  • We mutual accept and respect all

  • We do not reduce individuals to members of a group

  • We respect all religions and faiths

  • We recognize every individual as unique

  • We achieve recognition through mutual respect and social awareness

  • We identify conflict as an opportunity for personal growth

  • We strive to peacefully coexistence

From the SOFC Board of Directors:

To: Our Athletes, Families, Coaches, Staff, Supporters and Volunteers


Together, we are working towards social justice, diversity, and inclusion because we see that change is possible through the universal game of soccer. This is how we, at Sporting NE, build common ground.  


Many of us have not experienced the fear and injustice that others in our community have lived with for generations.  We must do more.     


We are committed to helping create a truly inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, respected and valued. This means speaking out against injustice, listening to those who have been unheard, and demanding better of ourselves and of our leaders. We stand ready to do this critical work today and always. Let soccer and Sporting OFC, together with our teammates, colleagues, friends and families lead the way.   


In solidarity, 

The Sporting NE Board of Directors

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