Select Teams - Team Formation Dates and Schedule

Ages: U11-U19

Please see below for the 2020 team formation dates.


Re-Registration period

Starting June 1st, clubs may extend re-registration offers to players who are currently registered with their club for the 19/20 soccer year  

Clubs can only extend these offers to players who are registered with the club at the time of the Re-Registration period

Re-registration offers will remain valid until and must be accepted by June 30th. 


Team Formation period

Team formation events can take place July 6 - July 11

Those players who do not accept a re-registration offer are able to attend Team Formation events (Tryouts) for any club they wish.

Bid Day for team formation offers begins at 10 am July 12th


Unless specifically addressed in the Temporary policy, all other Team formation policies and rules still apply. These include:

  • Clubs and coaches may not initiate conversations with players and families who are not currently registered with their club

  • If a parent contacts the club/coach, they can return the call to answer any general questions.

  • If a player attends a team formation event, no contact or offer is legal until the advertised bid day. Verbal offers are not recognized as valid by NSS

  • 19/20 Registrations are binding until July 31, 2020. Players who are signed during the 2020 Team Formation period are not eligible for events or rosters with the new club until August 1st

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