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Omaha FC is pleased to announce that we have officially partnered with SoccerRecruits to provide our players and parents with the most technologically advanced recruiting platform. This integration puts Omaha FC on the leading edge of the movement to streamline the recruiting process by providing the necessary tools to empower each of our student-athletes during their collegiate search.  We will join elite clubs like CASL, Lonestar and Ohio Elite in using this service! Rather than having me detail the service, here is the SoccerRecruits link and a quick two minute video:



SoccerRecruits in 2 minutes!


SoccerRecruits is a software platform that gives you access to every college program in the country. Best yet, as you communicate with your target schools, you see in real time which schools are viewing your profile and video. For the adults, it is like LinkedIn for college recruiting. 


As a club, we integrated the SoccerRecruits platform to ensure each family has access to best in class technology to attack the college recruiting process. The technology allows us as a club to ensure each Omaha FC athlete is staying on top of his / her recruiting process.  

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