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Coach of the Month - January

Each month the directors name two coaches that represent Sporting Nebraska FC values and commitment to our players. Congratulations to the December winners: Andrew & Matt.

Competitive COM October - Andrew Colan

Congratulations to Andrew Colan our Girls Coach of the Month for January 2023. Andrew has been with the club for nine years and has been instrumental in teaching and guiding our Girl’s Academy players. Many of our college-bound players will remember the time and energy Andrew has shared with them in their journey. As a club and staff, we have seen Andrew grow as a person not only as a coach but also in his private life. He is always willing to help with club functions. We are thankful for our staff every day. - Alex Mason, Girls' Director of Coaching

Recreational COM October - Matt Plugge

Matt is the head coach of a U6 girls & U11 boys teams. He continually strives to improve his ability to develop the skills of our youth players. Whether jumping in with Club Staff or coaching one of our Winter Camps, Matt is a student of the game. In addition, Matt serves Nebraska as a referee. He has gone above and beyond by refereeing games that face the possibility of being rescheduled due to a state wide referee shortage. Please join me in congratulating Matt Plugge as our Sporting Nebraska Coach of the Month!. - Christina Lewis , Youth Director


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