350+ College Recruits from SOFC in the last decade

Sporting Omaha FC leads the way in the Omaha metro area for getting our players to the next level. Just in the last 10 years, SOFC has helped more than 350 players continue their playing career after club soccer. What is the key to our process? Our staff listens to our players, helps them create a plan, and then they work together to accomplish the player's goals. We also utilize SportsRecruits, a college recruiting website that was built out of the necessity for a way to streamline the recruiting process in an organized and efficient way.

This year we are excited to add on two amazing coaches to our college recruiting process. Bill Koeppen for the boys and Will Lemke for the girls. Both of these coaches have extensive experience in the college game and have built a community of connections that will benefit our players.

Playing at the next level is more than being recruited to a team, it is a process to find the right fit for each player. Check out our interactive map of where our SOFC players have continued on with their career. https://www.sportingomahafc.com/college-recruiting

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