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Club Operating System

PlayMetrics is youth soccer's first all-in-one Club Operating System, unifying your entire club management workflow in one easy-to-manage hub. PlayMetrics helps you manage daily projects and tasks all in one centralized location, allowing everyone in your club to collaborate, communicate, share best practices, and remain on the same page like never before. In PlayMetrics, every person in your club has their own unique account with access to the features that matter most to them.

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Some of the features available to Parents/Players:

  • Mark player availability 

  • View Game Schedules (games will be uploaded to your account)

  • View Practice Schedules (live updates and info. sent directly to your account, including cancellations & fields closures)

  • Access club documents from your account (Medical Release forms, Tournament Forms, etc… no more searching the website for forms)

  • Player evaluations (sent to your player via their account)

  • Payment capture (for paying team fees, camp fees, team formation next year, and others - Coming mid August)

  • Team Communication (via Chat, email and text with all Team Staff, no searching for email address & numbers)

  • Calendar Importing

  • Live Game updates

Parents / Players: Register for club programs, manage payments, revise player profile info, check team schedules, update coaches on player attendance for practices and games, review previous and upcoming training plans, view games scores, chat live during games, communicate with Team Manager and/or Coach, and more. Click here to see more about PlayMetrics for Parents & Players.

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