Scholarship fundraising is going to be such an important part of our 2020-2021 years.



The TWO teams that collectively have the most donations will each earn an 1-hour, full field training space at the Omaha Sports Complex.


Donations over $400 will go into a drawing to win EACH of the following:​ Coming soon

Donations over $200 will go into a drawing to win EACH of the following:​ Coming soon


Donations over $100 will go into a drawing to win EACH of the following:​ Coming soon


Donations over $40 will go into a drawing to win EACH of the following:​ Coming soon

What is Omaha Gives!



Omaha Gives! is a one-day online fundraising event organized by the Omaha Community Foundation and held on May 20, 2020 to raise support for nonprofits in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties. It is a community-wide event to show off the area’s spirit of giving, raise awareness about local nonprofits, and celebrate the collective effort it takes to make this city great. Since 2013, this community give-together has raised over $27 million for 789 nonprofits!





Nonprofits win hourly drawings and prizes for drumming up the most support.



Schedule your gifts ahead of time or make donations throughout the day. Have more fun - give both ways!



Over $27 million has been raised for 789 local nonprofits since 2013!



• Give to your favorite nonprofit – the minimum donation is only $10.

• Partner with local nonprofits to help them win big on May 20.

• Provide CHALLENGE FUNDS for your favorite nonprofit.

• Schedule a donation starting May 1st or donate during the event on May 20.

• Attend area Omaha Gives! events hosted by nonprofits.

• Be loud and proud to show the community’s generous spirit — especially on social media with #OmahaGives





Nonprofits will have the ability to raise and promote their own challenge funds through, providing even more reasons to support them during Omaha Gives!. The challenge funds raised by each nonprofit will be included in the final fundraising total reported at midnight if the nonprofit has confirmed their goal.



Each hour, two donations will be randomly selected to receive an additional $535 added to it for a total of $25,680. Once a nonprofit has received an hourly prize, they will not be eligible to receive another prize.



Prizes worth $90,000 will be awarded to nonprofits attracting the highest number of donors in three separate categories during three 8-hour time periods throughout the day (12 am - 8 am, 8am - 4 pm, 4 pm -12 am). Once a nonprofit has received a participation prize, they will not be eligible to receive another prize.




Who can make a donation on Omaha Gives?

Anyone can make a donation to a nonprofit that has a profile on You do not have to have an Omaha Community Foundation account or live in the Omaha area to donate.


How can I make a donation?

Visit May 1-May 20 to schedule a donation which will be processed on May 24, and/or make your donation through on May 19 from 12:00 am through 12:00 am May 20. Donations must be made using a credit card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)/eCheck, or OCF account. Cash and check donations are not eligible for Omaha Gives! incentives, nor will they be represented in nonprofit totals on the leaderboard. You can search for a nonprofit by name, keyword, or category.


Is my gift tax deductible?

Donations through Omaha Gives! are 100% tax deductible. Once your credit card or EFT donation is processed, you will receive an email confirming the deduction from the Omaha Community Foundation. Please save this email for your records. By selecting a specific charity to receive your donation, your gift is restricted for that charity and will not be given to any other charity. You cannot designate your donation for a specific program at a nonprofit.


What are the minimum and maximum donation amounts?

The minimum donation amount is $10. There is no maximum donation. All gifts made on are non-refundable.


How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit?

For every donation made with a credit card, 2.99% will be deducted to cover a third-party credit card processing fee. For Electronic Fund Transfer/eCheck donations, 0.99 % will be deducted to cover processing fees. There are no fees deducted from donations made through OCF accounts.


Why is there a fee on donations made through

The Omaha Community Foundation is committed to transparency about the costs of online fundraising for Omaha Gives! The fees charged on have two components – a third-party merchant processing fee and an operating fee that helps underwrite the giving platform.

  • Credit card transaction fees: 2.2% merchant processing + 0.79% operating.

  • Electronic funds transfer transaction fees: 0.75% merchant processing + 0.24% operating.


The Omaha Community Foundation leverages its own resources to support and subsidize the cost of the giving day. To assist in covering these costs, a small percentage of each donation will go towards underwriting the cost of Omaha Gives! The Foundation works to ensure that Omaha Gives! is a costeffective and successful fundraising day for all nonprofits involved. Our processing fees are one of the lowest in the country for giving platforms.


What organizations are participating in Omaha Gives?

Organizations that are headquartered or provide services in the Omaha area (Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties) are invited to register for Omaha Gives! The Omaha Community Foundation verifies that each participant is a 501(c)(3) public charity in compliance with IRS 990 requirements.


Can I give to more than one organization?

You may make donations to multiple organizations. Only the nonprofits registered on may receive gifts during this event. You can add multiple organizations to your “cart” as you’re browsing the participants for added convenience when submitting donations. Creating a donor profile on allows you to schedule donations, save payment and contact information, record your favorite organizations, and review your donations.


Can I make a recurring gift?

Yes. Our platform allows you to give to your favorite nonprofits year-round! The option to make a recurring gift is located on the donation form. Once you choose "yes," you set the first installment date. Then, choose how often you would like the donation to repeat (monthly or quarterly), and for what duration of time. Note: Only the initial gift installment on May 24 will count towards the 2017 Omaha Gives! event.


What if I can’t find my favorite nonprofit on the Omaha Gives! site?

While we encourage participation in Omaha Gives! it is not required that nonprofits participate. If your favorite nonprofit does not have a profile on the Omaha Gives! site, you cannot use to donate to them and they will not be eligible for prizes on May 22. We’re happy to assist you with your charitable giving outside of Omaha Gives! Please email us at for more information.


Can I make a donation using my phone?

Yes. is a “mobile optimized platform” that will make it easy to make a gift on your smart phone.


Is my gift safe and secure?

Yes. The website is supported by CiviCore, and is an SSL secured site. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.


Beyond a donation, how can I support my favorite nonprofit on this day?

You can spread the word among your friends and networks about Omaha Gives! and the good work nonprofits do in our community. Your favorite nonprofit may also have an online media campaign or other ideas to promote the day. The Toolkits portion of provides additional materials, templates and samples to support your efforts.


Can I become a fundraiser for my favorite nonprofit during Omaha Gives?

Yes. We’re excited to offer individuals the opportunity to create Personal Cheer Pages to support their favorite nonprofits. The feature allows you to set your own fundraising goal for a chosen nonprofit and accept donations from friends and family directly to your personal fundraising page on To set up a Cheer Page, you will first need to create an Omaha Gives! donor profile. Once your profile is set-up, navigate to the “My Cheer Pages” tab of your account and click on “Create A Cheer Page.” Choose your nonprofit, create a page title and custom URL, and set your fundraising goal. When your Cheer Page is ready you will submit it to the nonprofit for approval and can start to spread the word! I have a charitable giving account at the Omaha Community Foundation.


Can I use it for Omaha Gives?

Yes. Donations made via an OCF account will not be subject to transaction fees.


How will I be recognized as a donor?

You will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt from the Omaha Community Foundation. Your chosen nonprofits may also send a thank you to let you know how your donation will make a difference. You can choose to make an anonymous donation if you prefer. Anonymous donors will receive a tax receipt, but will not receive a thank you from the nonprofit organization to which they contributed.


Does it cost anything to give on

There is no fee to you as a donor. You will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt for 100% of your donation. A 2.99% credit card transaction fee will be deducted from each credit card transaction, and a 0.99% fee will be deducted from EFT/eCheck donations.


How can the community support Omaha Gives?

The Omaha Community Foundation hosts Omaha Gives as part of our mission of inspiring giving throughout the Metro area and celebrating the community’s nonprofits. This year, we’ve provided an opportunity for anyone in the community to support Omaha Gives! by adding an optional donation during the checkout process that would go directly towards subsidizing the costs associated with the giving day. During the checkout process, you will be asked if you would like to Donate to Omaha Gives!.”


If you choose to donate, you can select an amount of your choosing for a one-time donation to the Omaha Community Foundation. This donation will be added to your total. If you select to make a recurring gift, your donation to the Foundation will only apply to the first gift made at this time. By supporting Omaha Gives! you are helping us to support our region’s wonderful nonprofit community!

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