Select Girls

Ages: U11-U19

The most notable benefit of this program is the pooling of players, i.e. matching players with other players of similar ability. This creates a competitive training environment where players challenge one another and develop in the process. Registering the various teams with the most suitable leagues is an important part of this process from a player-parent satisfaction point of view.


Select teams will be formed through try-outs. Sporting Omaha FC will provide training facilities for these teams. In addition to seasonal training, the select player will participate in winter training at one of the Sporting Omaha FC official training centers. The winter training program will address technical improvement and tactical awareness within small-sided games.

Premier Teams:

For 2020-2021 our Premier U13-U19 teams will compete in the ECNL Regional League.

Premier Program includes:

  • 30 indoor training sessions, to be used as needed by the head coach. 

  • Warren Academy (two Five week programs) to be scheduled as needed by the coach

  • League Fee covered for ECNL and additional league

  • League fees u13s - 2 Leagues of choice. 

  • Sports Recruits for u16s, 17s, & 18/19 teams.

    • (Elite 16s, 17s, 18/19s also receive Sports Recruits) 

  • Club Facilities use - outdoor 

  • Coach annual fee’s 

  • US Club player registration

  • USYS Club registration 

  • SOFC admin Fees 

  • Playmectrics - Club communication platform

  • Home game field usage (Turf / Grass) when needed. 

  • Hudl assistants - (Once footage has been collected by the family) 

Premier Teams will exclusively train at Millard Star Soccer Complex

Elite, Gold and Black Teams Leagues:

  • 30 indoor training sessions, to be used as needed by the head coach. 

  • League Fee covered for Nebraska League, with options to play in other leagues such as the Heartland league in KC

  • Club Facilities use - outdoor 

  • Coach annual fee’s 

  • USYS Club registration 

  • SOFC admin Fees 

  • Playmectrics - Club communication platform

  • Home game field usage (Turf / Grass) when needed

  • Optional program: Warren Academy to be scheduled as needed by the coach, this would be a separate expense

Optional Package

It is expected that Premier teams will participate in the Warren Academy program in parallel with the soccer program. Its advanced approach to strength, speed training and injury prevention is a wonderful compliment to good soccer training. For more information please visit


Additional Select program opportunities




For all our select teams we recommend no more than 3 tournaments per season without the approval of the club DOC.  The AGC (Age Group Coordinator) will evaluate each Elite team and make tournament decisions based on the strength of the team, financial conditions, and competitive needs. At the U13 and above level, the MRL reduces the need to attend tournaments although it will be necessary for older teams to attend at least some of the more well respected college showcase tournaments on the calendar (Surf Cup, President's Day tournament, Denver Cup).


Refund Policies

U8-U10 Academy & U11-U19 Select
In the unfortunate situation that involves a season-ending injury or illness, Sporting Omaha FC will consider a fee reimbursement for the family involved.  This does not include team fees assessed by the team, which should be handled directly with the Coach and Team Manager.  Refunds will only apply to season-ending injuries or illnesses.

The following considerations will be reviewed in determining a refund amount:

  • Forty percent of any fee, seasonal or annual covers fixed Club overhead and is not considered reimbursable

  • Remaining sixty percent of player fees cover variable and ongoing expenses and are considered to be the refundable portion of player fees

  • Determine if the players fee is seasonal or annual (Payment term)

  • If registration fee was an annual fee, total fee will be divided by 2 for under 15 players and above families or by 3 for under 14 and below players, in order to determine the per-season fee charged

  • This amount will be divided by the typical 8 week season and any refund amount will be prorated based on when the player’s injury occurred during that time-frame


In order to qualify for a refund, the Club will require a physician’s note stating that the player will be out for the remainder of the season.  The physician’s note should accompany the request for a refund.

Players and families who have received financial assistance from the Club are not eligible for refunds.

The Club will not provide a refund based upon any philosophical, personality, or curriculum issues concerns and no other situations other than those mentioned above will qualify for a refund.

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